USC Upstate Spirit Program



The mission of the USC Upstate spirit squad is to facilitate a fan experience that is representative of fun, pride and support for all USC Upstate athletic teams through engaging entertainment in the form of dancing, cheering and the building and maintaining of tradition. It is also the purpose of the USC Upstate Cheerleaders to develop students of character by providing them with an experience that will help them gain and refine their dance, cheer and leadership skills.

The USC Upstate Cheerleaders season begins in the fall and continues through the completion of basketball season in the spring until tryouts for the next season. All members are responsible for attending all practices and games that occur during that time period, including those that fall during University breaks/vacations and holidays. The USC Upstate cheerleaders participate in several appearances on behalf of the University and Athletic Department.

Being a college cheerleader is an extremely rewarding experience, but is also very time consuming. Cheerleaders are expected to put their academics first and cheerleading second. Anyone interested in trying out should make sure that they are fully aware of the time commitment required and be ready to dedicate themselves accordingly.

In addition to cheerleading tryouts, TRYOUTS FOR SPARTY THE MASCOT will also take place. See below for all information on tryouts.

USC Upstate Cheerleading Tryouts

Tryouts:  TBA

Forms:  Tryout Application, Tryout Waiver

Location:  G.B. Hodge Center

Team Placements
Team placement will be announced April 20, 2018 via e-mail.

Tryout Requirements:

  • You must be enrolled as a full-time student for the academic year(s) you intend to be on the team.
  • ALL MEMBERS are expected to maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA.
  • Cheerleading experience is recommended.
  • Tumbling experience is not required but is stronly recommended.
  • In order to try out for USC Upstate Cheer, applicants need to have their acceptance letter and/or schedule for the following semester.
  • Team practices are held Monday-Thursday anywhere between 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. and occasional weekend practices.
  • With your tryout, please bring the following:
    • Tryout Application completed
    • Tryout Waiver completed
    • Headshot of yourself

Skill Requirements:

Tumbling is not required but is strongly preferred, tumbling will receive bonus points. Tumbling will be done on the basketball court but there will be a mat for you to warm up.

Jumps that will be required include:

  • Toe touch
  • Double toe
  • Pike
  • Right and left hurdler
  • Combination (three jumps of choice)

For stunting you will be put into groups. For bases and back spots we will look at your overall skill, strength, and technique. For flyers we will be looking at flexibility (Scorpion, Scale, Bow ‘n Arrow) and technique in single leg stunts.

**We are looking for well-rounded cheerleaders.

Tryout Music and Dance:

What to Wear:


  • Form fitted clothing (i.e. spandex shorts and a fitted athletic tank top)
  • Cheerleading shoes

On Saturday please only wear USC Upstate colors (i.e. green, black or white). Hair and make-up should be game day ready. NO JEWELRY IS ALLOWED.


  • Athletic/basketball shorts
  • Presentable t-shirt
  • Cheer/tennis shoes

Attendance Requirements:
**All participants must be present for all days of the tryout process.**

Additional Information:

  • All returning cheerleaders must tryout again each year.
  • Each cheerleader will be required to pay a fee $200 to go towards items they will keep.
  • It is important to note you will be required games during holiday breaks, please plan for this when making your Holiday plans. There may be cheerleading commitments Thanksgiving weekend, over Winter break, during Spring Break, and Easter weekend. You may also be required to travel to postseason tournaments for basketball. Exact dates will be announced as soon as the coach is informed.