In Loving Memory of Thomas L. Smith

The Thomas L. Smith Memorial Scholarship




Ben Augenstein


2011 and 2012
Tyler Cook


Brian Dempsey


Eric Guillen

Mike Colecchi

2006 and 2007
Bret Hansen


Jason Smith




Jason Smith was the first
recipient of the Thomas
L. Smith Scholarship.

The Thomas L. Smith Scholarship is awarded annually to a present or former USC Upstate baseball player, currently enrolled at the University, who has made significant contributions to the program. The memorial scholarship has been created to honor Mr. Smith, provide opportunity for others, and serve as a reminder as to the real reasons we play baseball.

The scholarship has had four recipients in its five-year history, from Thomas L. Smith's grandson to one of the finest players to ever play at Upstate, the scholarship has been passed on as an enduring symbol in the Spartan program of hard work and love for the game.

"Thomas L. Smith took real pleasure in watching children and young adults play baseball. He always felt this level of the sport represented the game in its most pure form, and he especially enjoyed watching his son and grandsons play the sport. He was extremely proud that his grandsons, Blake and Jason, were able to play on the college level. Although he was unable to watch them because of his age, he always made sure to ask how they were doing. Regardless of the outcome of the game, he was always able to say the right things to let them know how proud he was.

It is with this thought, his love of watching children and young adults play baseball, that we, the family of Thomas L. Smith, have established this scholarship. It is our hope that this scholarship can assist a deserving young man in continuing to play the sport Dad so enjoyed. The Smith Family trusts that this young man and his family will enjoy being a part of the USC Upstate baseball family as much as we have."

- Rick Smith & Family, 2005