Study Hall

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  • All first semester freshman student-athletes, regardless of high school academic record.
  • All transfer student-athletes, regardless of previous academic record.
  • Continuing student-athletes with a last semester GPA between a 2.600 and 2.201 will be enrolled in our Academic Improvement Program (AIP). Continuing student-athletes with a last semester GPA below 2.200 will be enrolled in our Academic Priority Program (APP).
  • Any student-athlete as determined by the head coach.


  • Those enrolled in AIP will be required to attend 4 hours per week. Those enrolled in APP will be required to attend 6 hours per week.
  • It is the student-athlete’s responsibility to keep up with how many hours he/she has completed each week. Any inquiries concerning weekly progress must be directed to the Athletic Academic Advisor and not to study hall monitor(s).


  • Monday - Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. in Library 225
  • Sunday - Thursday, 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. in Library 225
  • Monitor will be on site for verifying sign-in and sign-out, maintaining order and checking/collecting objective sheets etc.
  • Student-athletes have flexibility in choosing how they earn their hours during the week. All hours must be completed by the end of Thursday evening. The new week always begins on Sunday.
  • A student-athlete’s official time log is based on the time recorded by the study hall monitor on submitted Objective sheets, and not any other tracking method.
  • If a student-athlete is caught doing unproductive work (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, watching movies, etc.), they will be asked to leave for the day and their time for that day will not count toward their required hours.

Objective Sheets
Click here for Study Hall Objective Sheet

  • Must be filled out PRIOR to entering study hall.
  • Must be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely)
  • Reading must be accompanied by additional task (i.e., annotation, chapter notes, back of the chapter questions, etc.)
  • Study Hall Monitor will not check in a student if the objective sheet is not complete or is not correctly written and will not be allowed to return the same day.
  • Study Hall Monitor will check student’s work to ensure the objective has been completed and the student-athlete will initial their earned hours. If a student is consistently not completing his or her work and mismanaging his or her hours, the time will not be counted.

Computer Usage

  • Computers are only to be used for completing academic assignments (i.e. Blackboard, writing papers, etc.). Unauthorized use of computers includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, checking scores on ESPN, etc. Student-athletes will be removed from study hall immediately for unauthorized use.

Compliance and Consequence Structure

  • Coaches will be notified every Friday of their student-athletes’ weekly hours.
  • Failure to complete the required hours will result in the following: 

First Offense
Consequences will be determined and implemented by the coach. Consequences must be reported in writing to the Athletic Academic Advisor.

Second Offense
Student-athletes are required to complete penalty time during the following week. Penalty time is calculated as double the amount of hours not completed during the previous week, and is added on to his/her normal required hours.

For example, a student-athlete is required to complete 4 hours each week. If he/she misses 1.5 hours one week, 3 additional hours must to be completed on top of his/her normal 4 hours during the next week, equaling 7 total hours required the following week.

Third Offense
Student-athlete will be suspended from the next scheduled single contest against outside competition. Eligible contests may be home or away, excluding scrimmages.

Notes Regarding Consequence Structure:

  •  Consequences will carry over to subsequent semesters until fulfilled, independent of a student-athlete’s future involvement in the study hall program. For example, if a spring sport student-athlete commits a Third Offense during the Fall semester, it will be imposed during the following Spring, even if the student-athlete’s GPA does not require him/her to attend Study Hall during that Spring semester.
  • A student-athlete’s record will be reset at the beginning of each semester, OR after all previous consequences have been fulfilled.

Tutoring/Supplemental Instruction (SI)

  • One-on-one tutoring and Supplemental Instruction through the Academic Support Center does count for study hall hours. A completed objective sheet, signed by the tutor/SI leader, must be turned in to Library 220 by Thursday at 6 p.m. each week. This sheet does not go to the study hall monitor...monitors only record time spent in evening study hall.
  • If any one of the conditions listed above are not met, the tutoring/SI session will not count towards study hall hours.

Does this Count?

  • Travel study hours/hotel study halls do not count. Student-athletes are expected to study while traveling in addition to the minimum weekly study hall requirements.
  • While meeting with a professor is encouraged, it does not count in your weekly totals.
  • Attending a Supplemental Instruction session does count. In addition, the signed and completed objective sheet must be submitted to the Athletic Academic Advisor the following business day after the tutoring session.