Academic Advising
Sarah Gildersleeve is the Assistant Director of Student-Athlete Enrichment while also serving as the primary Academic Advisor to all undeclared student-athletes, while all declared student-athletes receive their academic advising from their majors' academic department.  Although student-athletes who have a declared major have an academic advisor within their major department, the athletic academic support staff works with those specific departments and advisors to ensure student-athletes are on track.  All first-year student-athletes, regardless of major, meet the Athletic Academic Advisor at Orientation where they receive their first semester schedule. All semesters following, all undeclared student-athletes continue to meet with the Athletic Academic Advisor for advising, while all declared student-athletes receive their academic advising from their respective departments.  All transfer student-athletes, regardless of major, meet with their academic department at Orientation where they will finalize their first semester schedule.  Prior communication with the transfer student-athlete’s academic department, in conjunction with their official transcript evaluation, validates their first semester schedule. Overall, the athletic academic support staff can answer questions regarding a student-athlete's schedule, to include adding or dropping classes, major exploration, career exploration, etc.
Academic Coaching
Academic Coaching is a program implemented to provide additional academic resources, accountability, or support to specific student-athletes.  This is a need based program and student-athletes will be selected by nominations from their coaches or academic support staff, or through personal request; spots will be filled by highest level of need.  Student-athletes selected meet one-on-one with Sarah Gildersleeve or the designated Learning Specialist on a schedule determined by the coaches and Athletic Academic Advisor (i.e., weekly, bi-weekly, etc.).  Catered to the student-athletes' particular needs, Academic Coaching provides support in areas such as time management, organization, accountability, and skill development (i.e., test taking, note taking, reading comprehension, writing, etc.).  The purpose of Academic Coaching is to increase student-athlete academic performance, especially for the at-risk student-athlete population.
Study Hall
The academic support staff implements an objective based study hall program.  Details, including structure, location, time, requirements, etc., can be found at the “study hall” link.  The purpose of study hall is to provide a structured, productive environment for student-athletes to focus on their studies.

University 101
University 101 (SUNV 101: The Student in the University) is a course required for incoming first-year student-athletes. This three-hour elective course focuses solely on first-year success, providing students with the tools and resources needed to make a smooth transition into college. It will address topics such as time management, study skills, career exploration, library skills, self-awareness, and service learning as well as information about USC Upstate and our campus resources. Fun and engaging activities are planned to provide a hands-on learning environment for students.

There are three sections of University 101 which are specifically geared towards student-athletes.  All student-athletes are registered into the student-athlete sections as additional topics specific to the athlete experience are covered.  Topics include: compliance, eligibility, media relations, etc. (Please note: although almost all majors accept this course as elective credit, please check with your intended major departmental office if you have any questions.)